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Merit Badges

This page is intended to help Scouts, Parents, and Scouters, better understand and simplify the Merit Badge Program. For more information regarding Official BSA Guidelines regarding Merit Badges, see the "Guide to Advancement",  "The Merit Badge Program".

  1. The Scout goes to his Scoutmaster to obtain a Merit Badge Application (Blue Card) and to find a suggested Merit Badge Counselor. The Advancement Chair or Assistant Scoutmaster may also help in this process. The latest version of Form 34124 is the 2012 printing.

  2. The Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or some other designated leader will speak with the Scout.  He or she will discuss the Scout’s desire to work on the merit badge and help recommend a merit badge counselor. The leader should provide counseling as to whether or not the merit badge is a good choice for the Scout, based on his abilities and any prerequisites.
  3. At this time, the Scoutmaster provides the Scout with the application. The Scout must neatly complete Sections 1 except the signature and dates.

  4. He then should complete only the portions of Sections 2, 3, and 4 that are boxed. If he doesn't know the Counselor information at this time, he can leave it blank. This may be the case for Summer Camp, Merit Badge Jamborees, or other similar events.
  5. Once he has completed this sections, the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or other designated leader will sign and date Section 1 only.
  6. The Scout then works with the Merit Badge Counselor. As the Scouts progresses, the Counselor should record his progress in Section 5.

  7. Once the Merit Badge has been completed, the Counselor will complete his/her information on Sections 2 & 3. He/she will retain the Counselors Record Section 4 and return the remaining portion to the Scout. At times, a Merit Badge Counselor may only record a portion of the Merit Badge requirements are met. The Scout may need to go to another counselor to complete the remainder of requirements. It is therefore important to make sure your counselor accurately and complete records what you have completed and not completed.
  8. The Scout takes the remainder of the Application back to the Scoutmaster to obtain his signature on Section 3. The Scoutmaster may ask questions to the Scout regarding their experience in earning the Merit Badge.
  9. After the Scoutmaster's signature has been obtained, the Scout takes the Application for Merit Badge to the Advancement Chair for recording.
  10. The Advancement Chair;
    1. Enters the Merit Badge Completion in TroopTrack
    2. Scans the "Applicant's Record" portion for retention.
    3. Picks up the badge and turns in Section 1 to the Council.
    4. Returns the Applicant's Record portion with a Pocket Certificate and the badge at the next Court of Honor.

Note: In order to receive awards at a Court of Honor, the awards have to be turned in to the Advancement Chair 2 meetings prior to the Court of Honor so paperwork and signatures can be completed to pick up the awards.