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Volunteer Coordinator (MC)

Service Project Coordinator

Coordinate and promote annual service project for Warm Springs Elementary School as thanks for allowing us to meet in their facilities. Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee.

Reports to: Committee Chair


  • Coordinate meeting with COR and/or Committee Chair and school Principal to discuss suitable projects the troop could do for the school.
  • Discuss possible projects with Committee Chair and Scoutmaster for suitability.
  • Gain PLC and Troop Committee support for project and set date.
  • Coordinate procurement of materials/supplies needed.
  • Promote attendance at service project and generate a sign-up list.
  • Coordinate with school staff any access to facilities that may be required.
  • Maintain records of participation hours and submit same to Advancement Coordinator.
  • Coordinate sending thank you letters for those who donated material/supplies. Provide a copy of these letters to school office.
  • Although not required the person doing this job should have had a child attend Warm Springs School and have a good relationship with the school principal and staff.
  • Report on project to Troop Committee.