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Adult Training

All training in Scouting operates on what is called a Training Continuum and has five levels.  For Adults, those five levels are:
    1. Joining
    2. Orientation
    3. Basic
    4. Supplemental
    5. Advanced
    Joining and Orientation
    For all positions, joining and orientation is done by completing online training through the E-Learning tool at The joining requirement is fulfilled by completing the Youth Protection Training course and the Orientation requirement is fulfilled by completing the This is Scouting course. 

    To be considered fully trained for a position, all leaders must complete a Basic level of training which depends on their position.

    To help provide more targeted information in specific areas, supplemental training gives volunteers the opportunity for continuing education in Scouting. Some courses, although supplemental, are required to meet specific program area requirements. It's advisable to take all of the online Supplemental Training that is provided and to attend programs such as the University of Scouting.

    Advanced training is what the name implies. It is often a much more challenging course, spanning several days, and is designed to increase scouting and leadership skills. The best well-known example and highly recommended Advanced course is Wood Badge.

    Wood Badge Training